Welcome to CATCH, our blog sharing the incredible experiences people are having here at Alaska’s Fish Tales Lodge

With some of the best fishing and hunting in the South East, the Whale Pass area is one of those hidden away Alaskan gems that a select few have discovered. We’re starting this blog so we can share the great fishing, wildlife viewing and hunting our guests and friends are experiencing at this incredible part of Prince of Wales island. This summer we’re on track for a record run of summer silvers, well over 60,000 salmon running up the Neck Lake Outlet directly in front of our lodge. Limits are the norm. We’ve also had amazing spring fishing for wilderness steelhead, and are loving the incredible new fishery for kings at the North Entrance of Whale Passage created by a new stocking program at Coffman Cove. Enormous halibut continue to provide plenty of thrills this summer as usual. And of course, the black bears that hang out at the river below the house continue to provide constant entertainment. We hope you enjoy our new blog – its our way of sharing the many great memories our guests cherish everytime they come back to Alaska’s Fish Tales Lodge!

About alaskasfishtaleslodge

Gregg and Christine Cook and their family are the proud owners of Alaska's Fish Tales Lodge, a little piece of paradise on the shores of the Neck Lake Outlet at Whale Pass, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.
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