Saturday morn…


Saturday morning August 18, finally a few minutes to sit down.  A fast week here in Whale Pass.  The boys have been in the alpine a couple of days this week.  The bucks are still in the velvet, excellent bow hunting opportunity, as they have not been spooked for months.  The days are getting shorter already, where has summer gone ?  The Coho are slowing down here in the Neck Lake Outlet, but the bears are not.  108 Creek is choked with pinks, and of course the dollys are stacking up for their cut of the action.   Fall is my favorite season here on POW.  We have all been shooting our bow, with no particular schedule all summer.  Now it is time to get down to business, a few minutes in the morning and evening, makes all the difference.  “The harder I work, the luckier I get, sort of thing.”  

The next few weeks should be a good time, repeat clients, and a good weather forecast for the coming days, keep the excitement level up.  

For those keeping up with such a thing, the old Bear Valley Lodge property changed hands yesterday.  I for one, am anxious to see what conspires over there in the future.  I  have enjoyed a good relationship with the previous owners, and wish them well in the future.  Solomon said, “for everything there is a season.”  We are creatures of habit and get comfortable in the same ole, same ole.  

May the lord bless you and your family.  


About alaskasfishtaleslodge

Gregg and Christine Cook and their family are the proud owners of Alaska's Fish Tales Lodge, a little piece of paradise on the shores of the Neck Lake Outlet at Whale Pass, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.
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